Discover BMO Invoicing with POS Accounting Software. All the modules work together seamlessly to provide a unique and satisfying experience ensuring smooth running of your business.

bmo invoicing features invoice


Create professional recurring invoices and receive updates.

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bmo invoicing features cash book

Cash Book

All cash transactions during a period are recorded.

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bmo invoicing features bill payment

Bill & Payment

Manage your cashflow by scheduling payments.

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bmo invoicing features chart of account

Chart of Account

Maintain and categorized complete chart of account.

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bmo invoicing features general ledgers

General Ledgers

Easy to manage and track your company’s accounting records.

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bmo invoicing features inventory


Inventory items speed up invoicing while tracking sales.

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bmo invoicing features quotation


Seller provides to a buyer to offer goods or services.

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bmo invoicing features purchase order

Purchase Order

Create and email custom purchase orders.

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bmo invoicing features tax

SST & VAT Ready

Automatically calculate SST & VAT on transactions.

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bmo invoicing features financial report

Financial Report

Balance Sheets, Income & Cash Flow Statements

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bmo invoicing features forward entries

Forward Entries

Record a forward contract on the contract date.

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bmo invoicing features official receipt

Official Receipt

Official receipt is issued by the seller to the buyer.

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We care for our customers problems, that’s why we provide the best services as part of our business care plan.

Full Support from Technical Team

We provide support through phone calls, email, and internet remote support.

Fully Compatible

BMO Invoicing is fully compatible with BMO POS System.

SST Malaysia

Features & reports approved by Royal Malaysia Customs Department.
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We look forward to enhance our services and expanding our reach in the future with our POS system, human resources software, customer relationship management system, call center products, bulk SMS services, and a lot more.

Online and offline POS system with cloud backup. We design our software to work seamlessly with other in-house software.

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e-Leave system is developed to provide a one-stop center for businesses that are dedicated to support their HR processes.

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A total online CRM experience. Manage clients and salespeople easily, anywhere anytime.

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Telecommunication, VoIP & Cost Saving. Thousands of corporate/individual in Malaysia is using our service.

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Bulk SMS service & SMS Marketing Malaysia. We serve thousands of corporate users and regular users who are using iSMS daily.

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Sync with BizCloud’s database constantly to collect real-time business data and information directly at your mobile devices.

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Thank you for your interest! If you have any special requirements for BMO Accounting, please do not hesitate to contact us.